Upcoming Sessions


It is preferred that you book your rider(s) onto a session via Eventbrite to avoid the use of cash. Brand new riders are the exception to this as the first session is free as a taster. Parents / guardians of new riders will be asked to fill out a contact form.

We are now encouraging both adults and riders to provide us with feedback on our sessions so that we can ensure that participants are getting the most from training and, primarily, enjoying themselves. The feedback form can be found here.

Winter Training Sessions

For the time being, the two ability groups will have different sessions for the Winter months. It may be that your rider(s) are at an intermediary level and therefore could attend both sessions – if you feel this is the case please speak to a coach.

Marley Mondays

These sessions will take place from 6.00pm and last for approximately an hour. As this training takes place in the dark, and the conditions can be very wet and muddy conditions at this time of year, riders must be technically capable in order to attend. Lights are also mandatory.

To book places for Monday 23 January click here.

To book places for Monday 30 January click here (on sale 23 Jan).

Monday sessions are largely based around the discipline of cyclocross. For more information, visit the What Is Cyclocross? page.


Saturdays at Cliffe Castle Park

These sessions are for the Beginner / Intermediate riders and will take place from10.30am and run for a approximately an hour. Riders should meet at the top field by the café.

*Please refrain from riding bikes on the grass in this section as it can get us into trouble with the park.

To book places for Saturday 21 January click here.

To book places for Saturday 28 January click here (on sale 21 Jan).


For the benefit of readers new to the club, a breakdown of our usual activities is available here.

Photo by Bernard Marsden, used by kind permission.