Activities during Coronavirus (Covid-19) Crisis

The club’s usual training sessions and operations are currently on hiatus in line with guidance from the government and British Cycling with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. This page has been created to provide resources and news of club activities designed to keep our riders healthy and positively engaged with cycling during this difficult and uncertain period.

Mandy Parker at East Bradford Cycle Club has invited our riders to join an online race on Easter Monday. Here’s the details from Mandy:

Tomorrow night ( Easter Monday) will be my Inaugural East(er) Bradford Family Cross race at 7pm on Zoom. Join me on rollers or turbo for a training session featuring laps of 4 different cross circuits plus cowbells and Belgium Beer Tent music.
You have to supply your own frites and mayonnaise and your bobble hat.
It’s open to all kids and parents and it’s free to join in, you just need to get the meeting ID and password from either the Facebook Group below or by PMing me.
If you haven’t used Zoom before, you need to download it onto a tablet, laptop or phone or open it on a browser. It takes time to receive the confirmation email so if you are a first time user, do so in plenty of time

Our friends at East Bradford Cycling Club have created a package of skills which they are encouraging their riders to learn and practice over the following weeks. They have very kindly allowed to us to share these, the first of which can be downloaded here, or a smaller image version is available below.

In order to stay connected as a club, we would encourage our riders to send in videos and photos of Tykes practicing and performing each skill, which should be posted to the Facebook group.

Here is the first skill:


For many of our riders, indoor training may be the only option. There are a number of resources to make riding indoors effective, rewarding and – above all – not catatonically boring:

  • Zwift is a popular online training app which can be used by both cyclists and runners, providing virtual routes across a number of “Worlds”. Adults can use the app for free for a maximum of 25km per month, with unlimited use costing £12.99 per month. Riders under 16 years of age can use the app completely for free, however. Zwift can be used for basic training, racing and for group rides. As detailed further down in this post, a series of group rides is planned throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.
  • RGT (short for Real Grand Tours) has recently been launched as a rival to Zwift and sets out to recreate riding on some of cycling’s most famous racing roads, including the Passo de Stelvio in Italy and Belgium’s Patterberg which serves as the finale to the annual Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders). Basic use of RGT is free, with all the premium features also currently free during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • GCN or Global Cycling Network is a YouTube channel offering a rage of cycling content, including a number of training videos.


Coach Ben is planning to hold a series of Zwift meet-up training rides. These rides will be for riders in the older training group, and will most likely be held on a Thursday evening, though dates and times may vary. In order to join these ride you will need to follow Ben on Zwift so that he can send you invites.

Guidance on how to join Zwift group rides can be found on this page.


Coach David has picked out a skills video about how to perform bunny hops on a cyclocross bike, which far from being a frivolous show-off trick is a useful skill both in racing and in avoiding dangerous pot holes and road furniture. As current government guidance allows, and indeed encourages outdoors exercise, this can be attempted and practiced in the park, the garden or even on the street whilst the roads are quiet.

Photo by Bernard Marsden, used by kind permission.

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