Clubmark Accreditation

Today Bronte Tykes Cycling Club has been awarded its Clubmark Accreditation. This is the universally acknowledged cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports clubs! This formalises the good work that the club and its volunteers have been carrying out over the past 12 months! The club is a Friendly, Welcoming and Progressive club for young cyclists! So spread the word – we are here to stay, we are here to enjoy riding bikes, we are here to win… We are the Bronte Tykes Cycling Club! All are welcome to our wonderful little corner of cycling utopia.



Night Rider Go-Ride Race

The Night Rider Go-Ride Race has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, it was felt that the conditions would have made the Go-Ride race unsafe. The Riders safety and enjoyment is paramount!

Therefore there will be no outdoor session tonight, only rollers and turbos will be available for the riders who have been attending the indoor sessions.


Club Update

It was a cold and wet training this morning, hope you’ve all warmed up.

Welcome to a new rider and welcome back to some who haven’t been for a while always good to see new and returning riders.

Just a reminder to have extra layers and gloves now the weather turning cold, these can be taken off when you warm up.

Next week see’s the 1st of our winter go ride races, please note the earlier time for next week.

Signing on opens at 9:15 this is in the school at the bottom car park please don’t allow the children to ride the bikes in the entrance as this can cause some obstruction to others using the school building Thank you. Races start at 10am in the park hope to see you there.