This Saturdays session is to be held at Cliffe Castle for all groups. Arrive 10:00am for a 10:15 start. We are going to use this session to allocate all riders to colour coded groups. Please try and make it to this session so that you can be allocated. This will make it easier in the future when organising sessions and rides. Once allocated we will send out another FB post next week informing everyone of the future sessions. Briefly, all future sessions will be held at Cliffe Castle with some of the higher groups focussing on a different discapline each week. Additional sesions will be held away from Cliffe Castle which will be open to specific groups based on ability.
For the older groups this Saturday will be a MTB focussed session and can be completed on either a CX or MTB.

Also Bronte Tykes membership is due. Please look out for a seperate message with a link.

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