Club Kit

We hope you are all pleased with the new kit design, which is available to order direct from the manufacturer, using the below link:

We also have the following items of the old design kit in stock, which we are selling at a greatly discounted price. These are ideal if you need any spare training kit:

2 x Aged 8 short sleeved cycling jersey £10 each

3 x XS Adult short sleeved cycling jersey £10 each

I also have some jackets, hoodies and branded zip-off trousers in the below sizes:

Hoodies £15 each:
1 x Hoodie 9-11yrs
1 x Hoodie 7-8 yrs
1 x Hoodie 7-8yrs with zip

Tykes Printed Zip Offs £35 each:
4 x XXXS zip-offs
2 x XXS zip-offs
1 x XS zip-offs

Jackets £35 each:
1 x 7-8yrs
2 x 9-10yrs

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