The new club kit is now available to order. Updated order forms is available on the website now, and we’ll have paper copies at all sessions.

Kids tops are priced at £30, and available in the below sizes:
3-4yrs, 5-6yrs, 7-8yrs, 9-10yrs, 11-12yrs, 13-14yrs.

We’ve a sample in each size, available to try at all club sessions between now and the end of February.

As before, £10 discount for any club top traded in!

Adults top are available in 2 styles, “Inizio” and “Squadra”. The first are priced from £36, the latter from £48.
Squadra bib shorts available priced at £65.
Please look at the brochure available at to see the difference between the two.

Order deadline 28th February.

There’s also a few of the Bio Racer kits left – we’ve reduced the price of these to £20.. available in 2 x 8yrs, 1 x 10yr, 1 x 12yr, 2 x 14yrs.

We have 2 bobble hats left too, at £10 each.

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