Winter Rollers and Circuit Sessions.

Update on Monday night winter sessions.

As the weather deteriorates, and the nights get darker, our Monday nights sessions at Marley finish. The last one for this year is on Monday 3rd October.

As we did last year, we will start our indoor roller training at UAK, Keighley for U10’s age category upwards. (This is just rollers only this year, no turbos).

Due to the centre being fully booked on Mondays, we are changing the night to a Thursday. The first session will be Thursday 13th October.

Please arrive a little early so your rollers and bikes are set up to start at 6:30pm.

UAK reception at that time is very busy, so to make it easier to carry the equipment and bikes in, staff have requested that we enter the building through the door at the rear (near to the alpe d’huez ramp we use on Saturdays).

The session is in the dance studio – located on the ground floor on the left hand side as you walk in, before the boys toilets.

The room we are using this year is smaller than the main auditorium, and as we have grown as a club with more children joining us for this reason for the first few weeks the roller session is only open to children, until we can assess numbers attending etc.

The cost of the sessions are £3 per person.

The school staff have asked that we don’t walk around the corridors in clip shoes, and that bikes are clean when brought inside.

The cost of the sessions are £3 per person.

We were aware last year that some of our younger riders, who were too small for the rollers were unable to attend our indoor sessions.

What we propose to do this year is hold a session for riders U10, also on a Thursday at UAK 6:30-7:30pm.

This wont be a cycling activity, but an indoor circuits style session, in the upstairs gymnasium room. There will be sports based activities, focused around movement and coordination, with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment.

The cost of this session is £2 per person

Please vote on the separate post and let us know if this is something your child would be interested in attending so we can assess if we have enough interest.

If you have any questions or queries please speak to one of the team.

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